The GatorBar Opportunity

rusty steel rebar
FRP rebar

The Problem- Rust

We've all seen the picture on your left in some form or another. Roads, bridges, concrete buildings, you name it, they are falling apart all around us. Why does this happen? This crumbling is the result of the reinforcing steel rebar corroding, and weakening the surrounding concrete it was designed to support.

Corrosion occurs when steel is exposed to oxygen and water, and returns to its original state through an oxidation/reduction process. This original state is iron oxide, or rust. Rust takes up more space than the steel rebar, thus placing additional stress on the concrete. Over time, the concrete weakens and eventually cracks, creating the eye sore and physical hazard we see above.

The Solution- FRP Rebar

We all know this, so why do we continue to build concrete projects with a material that is destined to fail? Isn't there a better material we can use so this doesn't happen? The truth is, there is, and has been, for over 30 years- fiber reinforced polymer rebar, or FRP. It is corrosion resistant, stronger, and up to seven times lighter than steel rebar. What's the catch? Well, for many years, FRP simply could not compete on price with the low initial cost of steel until now.

The GatorBar Opportunity

The Neuvokas Team developed a way to manufacture Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar (BFRP), at speeds never before seen in the composites industry. The drastic increase of manufaturing speed, allows the Neuvokas FRP rebar product, GatorBar, to be priced competitive with steel rebar. This is game changing- FRP rebar can now be used economically in projects that would traditionally use steel rebar. GatorBar is here to stay.

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