So, what exactly is FRP rebar?

it’s a composite material comprised of a fiber (carbon, glass, aramid, basalt) that provides strength and stiffness, and a matrix (polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester) that protects and transfers load between the fibers. It is used to reinforce concrete. Learn more on our technology page!

What sizes can I get?

Right now we are producing and selling only 3/8” (#3) rebar that can replace ½” (#4) steel rebar in many slab on grade applications. We will be producing other sizes in the near future. Get on our mailing list to stay updated.

Is GatorBar field bendable?

No, but you may contact Neuvokas if bends are needed in your design.  Bends need to made at the manufacturing facility and Neuvokas engineers will gladly assist.

What is the best way to cut GatorBar?

GatorBar can be cut with a high speed grinding cutter, fine blade saw, diamond blade, or masonry blade.   Proper safety equipment should be worn when cutting.

How should GatorBar be stored?

GatorBar should be stored above the surface of the ground on skids or pallets. If it must be stored outside, we advise that you place a tarp over it, as UV rays may damage the performance of the bars over time.

How should I set up Gatorbar for my slab on grade pour?

You will chair it up as you would with steel rebar. It can be tied off with wire ties, zip ties, or KodiKlips. 

What will it cost me?

Prices will vary depending on order size and location but expect to pay approximately what you would pay for equivalent steel product. Call us today at 906-934-2661 for a quote, or click here.

Where has this been used before?

Neuvokas has produced over 25,000,000 feet of GatorBar since 2016 which has been sold and installed across the United States and Canada.

How can I get my hands on this great stuff?

You can reach our sales team by email or by phone at 906-934-2661. To request a free sample, click here.

How can I learn more?

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