Honolulu Wood Treating Brings GatorBar™ to Hawaii

Ahmeek, MI – December 29, 2016 – Neuvokas Corporation welcomes Honolulu Wood Treating as its exclusive stocking distributor serving the state of Hawaii.  “As a wholesale distributor Honolulu Wood Treating will provide stocking service to the entire state at all levels in the distribution chain,” said Neuvokas Chief Executive Officer, Erik Kiilunen. “With their truckload commitment, Honolulu Wood Treating will make GatorBar available to everyone in Hawaii.  With the corrosion and transportation challenges Hawaii faces we are confident they will be successful.”

Four hundred and fifty thousand feet of GatorBar is set to arrive on the islands in mid-January, and Paul Kane, Aloha Marketing, is committed to ensuring GatorBar makes a big splash in Hawaii. “I am very excited about bringing GatorBar to Hawaii in 2017,” said Kane. “I believe the freight, labor and handling savings will win over HWT dealers and Hawaiian contractors.”

About Neuvokas Corporation. Founded in 2012,Neuvokas Corporation is an Ahmeek, MI based company that manufactures and distributes FRP rebar made from basalt fiber (BFRP). Distributed under the GatorBar™ brand Neuvokas’ BFRP is stronger and seven times lighter than steel, is non-corrosive and sells for the same price as it’s domestically produced steel counterpart.

About Honolulu Wood Treating. Established in 1955 and based in Kapolei, Hawaii, Honolulu Wood Treating provides wood treatment and building product distribution services to more than 50 dealer customers throughout the State of Hawaii.

About Aloha Marketing. Paul Kane has been in sales and marketing for over 30 years and is representing many chemical and construction materials. Kane has developed several products specifically designed for use in the Hawaiian market for both mainland and Hawaii based manufacturers.

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Jesse Garcia

Seguro Construction

"We used GatorBar for a parking lot tearout and repour in Houston. My guys were impressed with the weight advantage, and said they could place GatorBar easier and faster than steel rebar. We are excited to use it again on future projects."