2016 Q4: Ending the year in a big way

While 2016 as a whole had its ups and downs (the media made it out to be pretty tumultuous), it sure ended on a positive note for Neuvokas! No, we didn’t buy Play-Doh or rent stress relief puppies for our employees post-election. Let’s be honest, that was pretty ridiculous. Instead, we sold tons of GatorBar, and that was way more fun than therapy dogs anyways.

Honolulu Wood Treating to distribute GatorBar™ in Hawaii

Santa showed up big this year at Neuvokas. As we all looked forward to the holiday break, some big news came through that we had been waiting for. GatorBar is making its debut in Hawaii, and it’s being done in a big way! Four hundred and fifty thousand feet of GatorBar is on its way to the islands with Honolulu Wood Treating working on the other end of the deal as our exclusive stocking distributor servicing Hawaii. It was a push, but we were all excited to get the order together before taking a few days off for family and friends at Christmas. We look forward to working with Honolulu Wood Treating as well as Aloha Marketing to ensure GatorBar’s success in Hawaii.

450,000 feet of GatorBar begins its journey to Hawaii450,000 feet of GatorBar begins its journey to Hawaii

GatorBar offers many benefits, especially in remote locations with corrosive environments like Hawaii. Any steel used in construction projects on the islands is subject to ocean salts year round, substantially reducing the lifespan of these structures. GatorBar will never corrode, making it the best value and low cost alternative. The weight advantage allows more product to be shipped at the same price, saving money on transportation costs to the islands. Read the official Press Release, here!

The Latest Gatorbar Solution

Michigan and Hawaii have very different climates. (Unfortunately! I’m definitely overdue for another month-long vacation to the Aloha State.) With a different climate, comes a different set of problems. Great Lakes Fusion of Durand, MI was facing an issue that comes around when winter starts settling in: Cold weather concrete pours. As temperatures drop, concrete becomes difficult to work with. If temperatures hover around or drop below 32F, you run the risk of the concrete freezing before it cures. To overcome this challenge, chlorides are often added as an admixture to accelerate the cure time. These chlorides can lead to the premature corrosion of the reinforcing steel. We were pleased to provide our 100% non-corrosive alternative, GatorBar, which allowed this project to move forward, while creating a long-lasting final product.

New year, new product:

Due to customer demand, the equipment to manufacture 40 foot bar is now in the works and will be available Q2 of 2017! Once again, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has stepped in to assist in the effort by awarding Neuvokas an NSF TECP grant (Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships). This is a supplemental grant given to SBIR awardees to enhance commercial potential and lead to industrial partnerships. The NSF is passionate and committed to helping SBIR companies succeed and grow their companies.

The NSF has supported Neuvokas for the past few years with various grants to support our product and process development efforts. We are very thankful for the continuing support of the NSF!

World of concrete 2017

Neuvokas – GatorBar will have a booth at World of Concrete for the first time, and we’re fired up and ready to go! Our CEO (Erik Kiilunen), COO (Ken Keranen), and VP of Engineering (Matt Kero) will be at the show eager to meet you all. (I know you’re probably pretty disappointed you won’t be seeing me; I got the shaft on this one. Apparently your 21 year old daughter isn’t the best companion for a trip to Vegas.) GatorBar will be occupying Booth N3245 in the concrete reinforcement section of the North Hall. We will have hats and shirts in limited quantities, so be sure to find us right away! I know you like free stuff because, like, who doesn’t? You can reserve your free shirt ahead of time, but hats will be given away on first come, first serve basis.

Matt Downey

Downey Concrete

I used GatorBar for four pours this summer.  I love the way it handles, the concrete just flows around it and it doesn’t bend and get left in the bottom of the slab it stays where you put it.  Also my back enjoyed the break!   I look forward to using it again.